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Insurance is one the dullest words, ever. Research from one of America’s big insurers found that 6% of the 20-30 year olds surveyed would rather eat an insect than think about Insurance. If you’ve ever spent time alone with an actuary, you understand. 

Even though it may not feel as exciting as saving for your next holiday, Insurance is an important part of your plan for financial freedom. For unexpected stuff, you have your Emergency Stash. For bigger stuff, it’s useful to have outside help and this is where Insurance comes in handy. If or when death, injury or illness strikes, you'll be more than relieved you have it. A few minutes into this now can make a massive difference to your life later.

You probably have Insurance for your car or bike. The Government thinks this type of cover is so important it’s compulsory in most States, but what about your most important asset – you? And your ability to earn a living? Like any other form of Insurance, you pay a monthly or yearly premium and when an event like death, injury or illness strikes, the insurer pays you a single payment (lump sum) or ongoing monthly payments. Lump-sum benefits are usually tax-free. Monthly benefits which replace lost income are generally taxable.

Although this can’t replace a loved one, it can ease the financial burden and give you and your family options to move forward. It might be be beneficial to take time off work, see a medical specialist, or make lifestyle changes. Having that extra money can give you the freedom to make those decisions in your own time.


Choosing Insurance can be daunting because it is a complex process, and it can be difficult to get clear and unbiased advice. Price is generally no indicator of quality, and the process is most often accompanied by high-pressure sales. The best Insurance comes from the best advice; advice that gets to the heart of what you really need and delivers the right amount of cover at the right price.

LifeSherpa’s free Insurance service makes it easy to protect what matters most in your life. Have we mentioned that we refund commissions? That’s money back in your pocket when you first buy your Insurance, and every month for the life of your policy. Visit the Book a chat with one of our Insurance specialists for a personal insurance recommendation.

No more lost hours comparing insurance online, or on-hold for a sales-person.


If you already have Insurance, there is almost certainly commission built in. It's supposed to pay for ongoing advice. We don't think it's fair that you pay commission for a service you don't use. When LifeSherpa sets up your policy, you get a commission refund. Find out more about Sherpa CashBack.


Your Sherpa does the legwork to find you the best Insurance package, with the right cover, right benefits, right insurer, right price, and keeps you informed along the way.

Whether it’s your first policy or a top-up, or maybe you just want peace of mind that what you have is still the right fit for your needs. We take the hassle out of the process and put money back in your pocket when it's all done.

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    Find out how Insurance impacts your life and take stock of what you’ve already got (e.g. check for cover in your Super). Add your Insurance products to MyFinancial Life and register them for CashBack.

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    Ask Your Sherpa

    Ask Your Sherpa to help you work out the right level of cover and benefits. Yo get a free report with recommendations, costs and benefits. To get started visit the Advice Centre to get an InsuranceRecommendation.

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    With your details up to date in MyFinancialLife and your Insurance application complete, your Sherpa prepares the paperwork to get your Insurance approved. Depending on your health and the cover you need, the insurer may need to talk to your doctor or arrange some health checks. Your Sherpa coordinates this for you.

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    When your insurance is approved, the insurer prepares the policy documents. You can usually choose whether to pay monthly or annually. Your Sherpa guides you through this process too.

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    Enjoy Life!

    Relax and live your life your way. We will review your cover regularly, and we are here to assist you if you ever need to make a claim. And with Sherpa CashBack, Your share of the commission will be paid into your nominated bank account.

Why Lifesherpa

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    First we join forces with you to identify the cover you need and the features you want. Then we tailor a solution that works for your life and budget.

  • insights

    Did you know most Insurance products include adviser commissions? It's built-in to the rate and supposed to cover the cost of ongoing advice.

  • service

    LifeSherpa will review your policy, give you the right advice for your life and if you need a new policy, we’ll even take care of the paperwork.

  • cashback

    We believe it's unfair for people to pay commission for a service they don't use. When you take out insurance with us, you get cash back.

    - Vince Scully

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