What is Life Sherpa®

To put it simply, we’re your one stop online shop for financial advice and support. We believe that ‘money smarts’ can help everyone get ahead – no matter who you are, or where you want to go. So, we’ve created Life Sherpa® - a better way for all Australians to get the benefits of smarter financial advice and resources, in a way that’s easy, convenient and affordable.

Who’s it for?

Our solutions can help pretty much anyone – but we’re especially focused on working Australians who are contemplating their life journey, and the role that money will play. Whether you’re flying solo, coupled up, or doing the family juggling act, we can help you scale your financial challenges – and reach your goals sooner.

How we help

Through our online platform, you can access:

  • Phone or online consultations with a qualified financial adviser
  • Online courses on money management (and more)
  • Handy financial resources and tools
  • Access to the right home loans, superannuation funds, insurance policies and more

You can either subscribe to get 'on-demand' advice and support, or dip in and out as you choose (we’re flexible that way).

Want to talk to a real person?

Drop us a line and one of our Life Sherpas will be in touch.


How it works

Step 01

Decide where
you need help

Are you investing?

Buying property?

Seeking to protect your family? Planning your future?

Step 02

Check out our options

Want to talk to an adviser? Or start with a one-off short course? It’s your choice.

Step 03

Get started for free

Join up to get instant access to handy tools, quizzes and resources – plus free access to an adviser for 30 days.

Step 04

Subscribe for ongoing support

As a member, you’ll have a qualified financial adviser on call (your Life Sherpa®)… plus cash back and other perks.

Step 05

Achieve your goals

With Life Sherpa® in your corner, you can take control of your finances and your future.

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How we can help


Looking to buy your first home? Or perhaps it’s time to refinance and you’re not sure what loan is best for you? Our expert advisers will guide you through the entire process, from application to settlement – providing tailored recommendations at every stage.

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Want to protect your family’s future, your home, or your income – but need some advice on options? Our Life Sherpas can give you all the support you need from a broker – and since we’re not owned by a bank, insurance company or super fund, you can rest assured it’s all based on what’s best for you.

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Retirement may seem a long way off – but the decisions you make early on have a huge impact on your future. Our Life Sherpas can assess where your super is currently at, and make sure it’s optimised and you’re on track to secure the retirement you want.

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With decades of experience in finance, our Life Sherpa® advisers can help you navigate the complex, ever-changing world of investments. From advising you on property investments, to explaining the nuances of the stock market, we’re here to ensure your investments really work for you.

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Short Courses

When it comes to being money savvy, a little education can go a very long way – in fact, it can be life changing. We’ve developed our short courses for people who want to focus intensely on a specific topic, whether it’s managing money as a couple, or becoming debt-free.

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We want our services and support to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve developed a range of subscription options. Better yet, as a member, you’ll be eligible for a rebate on any commissions.

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Our 'un-hidden' commissions rebate policy

We believe that all payments should be fair and transparent. So, when we receive an upfront or trailing commission, we’ll pass it on to you (less our capped fee for the service we’ve provided). Essentially this means you know exactly what you’re paying us, and what you’ll get in return.

Why Life Sherpa®?

We’re privately owned

We’re privately owned

Life Sherpa® isn’t owned or licenced by any bank, insurance company or super provider. This means we’re free to provide honest advice that’s wholly in your best interest - with no hidden commissions or secret agendas!

Cash back for members

Cash back for members

Become a paid member, and you’ll become eligible for ‘un-hidden’ commissions rebates – where you receive any commissions that would usually go to the broker (less our fixed fee). Because we believe fees should be fair and simple.

Obligation free

Obligation free

You can get started for free, and enjoy 30 days free access to a Life Sherpa® (plus a range of tools and resources). After that you can choose to subscribe for ongoing advice – but you can opt in or out at any time.

No hidden agendas

No hidden agendas

Our fee-for-service model is as transparent as it gets – and we’ll always make it clear how much you’re paying, and what you can expect in return. It’s a far cry from the old days of hidden fees and long-tail commissions!

Easy and accessible

Easy and accessible

Our online platform is accessible anywhere, any time and from any device. We’ve also worked hard to make our subscriptions affordable, so you can access the best quality advice for a price you can afford.

Have a question?

We’ve answered some of the questions
you might have in our FAQs.

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What people are saying

I never thought I needed professional advice. But getting Life Sherpa® to explore where I could make changes has transformed my life. I was in a small amount of debt, but nothing big. I like to spend money on myself, and didn't want to give that up. My Sherpa gave me advice based on the lifestyle I wanted to achieve – which wasn't the same kind of advice my previous financial advisor was giving me. But it worked. I wish I'd done it sooner.

Amy M, Age 31, Melbourne, VIC

We've always had trouble budgeting and I tried a few online tools but nothing really worked. Then I found Life Sherpa®, I started using their online budget tool which was good but I still need help... my Sherpa told be about the one on one budget coaching they offer and I decided to give it a try. Having a monthly meeting to keep us on track actually finally allows us to save money and get our debts under control. It was the thing that really helped.

Deb P, Age 29, Gymea, NSW

Life Sherpa® is the single most useful thing I have found on the net. Their website is easy to use and the service that they offer is simply, life-changing. We have been with Life Sherpa® for over twelve months now and came to them in rather difficult circumstances. Their advice has always been well thought out with no financial products even suggested, just good solid financial advice that comes from the heart and not the wallet. They have changed our financial life for the better and we will always be grateful for that.

John C, Age 50, Meadowbank NSW

A very professional and structured approach to refinancing my home loan. I was kept informed at every step of the process and much of the administration process was handle for me which really helped save me time. As a bonus they also shared some of their commission too which helps the home finances nicely.

David W, Age 54, Lindfield NSW

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