The Life you want with the money you have | Lifesherpa

Take absolute control of your finances – and your life – in your own home, in your own time.For just $15/month.Let us be your Life Sherpa.


Total guidance

Whether you want to know what credit card to get or what loan to pay off first – we can guide you through every financial decision.

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The right advice

We aren’t affiliated with any financial institutions. Which means our financial experts are giving you the best advice for you.

Cash back

Did you know Australians pay billions of dollars in commissions on financial products every year? You can bet some of that money is yours! At Life Sherpa we give you cash back from the commissions on your existing home loan, insurance, investment or super products.

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Life control

We give advice to help you achieve your life goals. Whether it’s saving for a wedding or a holiday. We’re here to give you advice to enhance your life.

Free for 30 days

Financial planners cost hundreds of dollars just for one consultation. You can use us obligation-free for 30 days. That’s a lot of advice.

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World-class financial advice just for you


Amy McLeod, age 31, Melbourne

“I never thought I needed professional advice. But getting Life Sherpa to explore where I could make changes has transformed my life. I was in a small amount of debt, but nothing big. I like to spend money on myself, and didn't want to give that up. My Sherpa gave me advice based on the lifestyle I wanted to achieve – which wasn't the same kind of advice my previous financial advisor was giving me. But it worked. I wish I'd done it sooner.”

Deb Pickett, age 29, Sydney

“We've always had trouble budgeting and I tried a few online tools but nothing really worked. Then I found Lifesherpa, I started using their online budget tool which was good but I still need help... my Sherpa told be about the one on one budget coaching they offer and I decided to give it a try. Having a monthly meeting to keep us on track actually finally allows us to save money and get our debts under control. It was the thing that really helped.”

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