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What we do

What we do

Life Sherpa® is your one stop online shop for financial advice and support. Through our online platform, you can access licenced qualified financial advisers, online courses and a range of handy resources and tools. From taking a short money course through to settling a home loan, all of this is designed to equip you with the knowledge and support to take charge of your finances, and find your financial path to Mount Happiness.

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Why we do it

Why we do it

At Life Sherpa®, we believe that financial advice is something everyone can benefit from – and it shouldn’t be exclusively reserved for the ultra-wealthy! So, we’ve created Life Sherpa® to give all Australians access to quality financial advice and resources, in a way that’s easy, convenient and affordable. After all, a little guidance can take you a very long way.

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Who we are

Who we are

Life Sherpa® was founded by Vince Scully: a qualified accountant, financial planner and mortgage broker with more than 35 years of experience in banking, finance and financial planning. Throughout Vince’s career, he saw the way in which smart financial planning can transform people’s lives – and he firmly believed that it was a service that should be available to all. Through Life Sherpa®, he’s made this vision a reality, delivering world-class financial advice in a format that’s made for the modern world. Together with his team of Life Sherpas (all highly-experienced, accredited finance professionals), Vince is proud to have helped countless Australians achieve their goals – and the journey continues every day.

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A Sherpa is traditionally a master of the mountain. They’ve been there before, and know all the best routes to the top. They’re your guide, companion, and support – and when you need help carrying your load, they’re right by your side. At Life Sherpa®, this is the role we play as you take on financial challenges, and climb towards your goals.

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What people are saying


Life Sherpa® was relatively easy to use. The customer support options were quite good. Life Sherpa's service generally met my expectations. I would definitely recommend it to friends. I generally find it hard to get personalise finance advice without paying a premium. Life Sherpa® is very affordable and they help you with your paperwork.

Adam S, Age 37, McDowall, QLD


Life Sherpa® gives a simplified view of your finances and is an easy tool to use. Our designated "Sherpa" is always on hand to answer any financial questions that we have as well as assist with any support issues eg. I selected a wrong subscription option and the Sherpa rectified the issue very quickly.

David H, Age 39, Margate QLD


Life Sherpa® was very easy to use and customer-centric - really putting me first and getting to know what I am looking for. They really took time to understand me, and were so patient running through scenarios when I wasn't sure. I would 100% recommend them.

Kate H, Age 33, Manly NSW


Life Sherpa® is really easy to use. My Sherpa gives me great practical advice and has found products that suit my family's needs. Because they help me over the phone and online, rather than face to face, I am able to get financial support whenever I need, at times that fit in with my busy lifestyle. I consistently recommend Life Sherpa® to friends and family looking for great, affordable and convenient financial advice.

Laura M, Age 29, Dee Why NSW


Life Sherpa® was easy to use, great support if you come across a hurdle...

Renee B, Age 34, Moorebank, NSW

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