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     The DREAM

    We believe everyone deserves to live free of money troubles. But life is full of financial decisions, many of which are hugely complicated and lead to stress. 

    Straightforward financial advice from people who solve money problems every day can deliver fast acting financial stress relief.

    At Life Sherpa, we believe its unfair that other financial advisors focus mainly on customers with lots of money to invest or with complex affairs who can afford the high fees.

    What’s worse, most financial planners are linked to banks or insurance companies where the need to sell product and the related commissions can influence their advice. How can anyone be certain they’re getting the right advice for them if their advisor is really a salesman in disguise? 

    This means most people miss out on getting the advice they need.

    Life Sherpa is proud to be  Australian owned. This means, we bring affordable financial advice to everyone and can focus solely on our members’ best interests. We are Australia’s first online financial advice platform. You can access world-class financial advice 24 hours a day from anywhere in Australia. And better yet, we pass on cash incentives and commissions to our members - so you know we’re here just for you.

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    Chief Sherpa

    Your Chief Sherpa is Vince Scully. He is a qualified accountant with more than 35 years experience in banking, finance and financial planning.

    Throughout his experience Vince learned that financial independence isn’t about how much you earn or what assets you own. Financial independence is available to anyone with the right financial plan in place. And this advice can and should be accessible to everyone.

    So he conceived a new way to deliver personal financial advice to everyone. 

    Not only is Life Sherpa online financial advice accessible to everyone, but it applies the winning philosophy of connecting personal finance with a psychological approach to financial independence. Life Sherpa is all about you.

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    Life Sherpa is an online financial advice platform dedicated to guiding everyday people to their own personal financial summit. We know that selling a product or report just doesn’t cut it. We understand that people need understanding, guidance and inspiration to achieve meaningful change. Life Sherpa is about sharing knowledge and being available to help overcome the common hurdles when it comes to managing money. Our guidance is personally tailored according to your budget and life circumstances.

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    Life Sherpa is designed to be affordable for everyday Australians of all ages. That’s why membership costs less than a magazine subscription or a train ride.

    By cutting out costs like fancy offices, home visits and call-centres, we can offer real financial advice at a fraction of the cost. What’s left is what really matters; jargon free advice that’s personally tailored to you and the tools and resources to help you build confidence around money.

  • About 5

    Financial products like insurance, super, investments, or home loans all offer cash incentives to financial advisors. At Life Sherpa, we pass these incentives on to you, which means if we work together to review, switch or add these financial products to help your financial situation, you could receive cash back from us immediately. Read more out more about Life Sherpa Cash Back here.

  • About 6
    ALWAYS yours

    LifeSherpa knows that everyone is different. Our approach to financial advice is developed from this understanding. We offer advice in a range of different ways to suit you, when you need it. You can use our platform to read articles, use our tools, take our quizzes, complete goals and tasks, or complete your financial profile. And when you need direct advice or additional guidance around goals and money decisions, we’re there for you.

  • About 7

    We understand that now more than ever, everyone is crazy busy. Our advice is available in the form of articles, tools, quizzes, tasks, and more. LifeSherpa is always there, and always on, on every device.

  • About 8

    Our “Freedom Factor” distills the learnings and experience gained from over 25 years in personal finance into an easy to use tool. Freedom Factor is a go-at-your-own-pace application that helps you understand where you’re at and where you’d like to be financially.

    Your answers determine your action points. There are tips and tasks for immediate improvements, and a longer-term plan for your major goals. Track your score visually and get feedback on your progress. The higher your score, the closer you are to freedom.

  • About 9
    We take the safety and security of your personal information very seriously. On our website, virtual firewalls control traffic and help protect you. Latest best-practice encryption techniques protect your password, and all traffic between you and Life Sherpa's servers. From the time you submit your login credentials, communication between your computer and are encrypted. The security of your Life Sherpa account is maintained with disk storage encryption and authentication measures. Our servers are located in a highly secure facility, where access requires multiple levels of authentication and recognition procedures. Your password cannot be recovered, not even by us. Learn more in our Privacy Statement.
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