If Moses was a blogger we wouldn’t have the 10 Commandments, we would have the 10 great tips to stay sin-free and happy. Seriously though, the 10 Commandments seem to summarise the essence of a good life, so it got me thinking about how the equivalent for money would look. 

Sherpa’s Top 10 Money Commandments:

  1. Spend less than you earn
  2. You can never out earn bad spending habits
  3. Just because the bank will lend it to you doesn’t mean you can afford to pay it back
  4. It’s not about the numbers it is about how you feel
  5. A budget, like a diet, will only feel restrictive if it isn’t aligned with your values
  6. You can’t get rich by cutting out your morning Latte
  7. There is no legal easy get rich quick scheme that actually works
  8. Information without motivation is useless
  9. Experiences have a more lasting effect than things
  10. Interest free - aint necessarily so.

Vince Scully

Life Sherpa®

With over 25 years in Financial Services from consulting to management, Vince Scully is the go-to guy for wealth management and financial advice. Before creating Life Sherpa®, Vince founded the Calliva Group; a fund manager, product issuer, adviser and lender. Vince is an adviser to the Wealth Management Industry, and prior to his role as CEO at Calliva, a senior member of Macquarie Bank’s infrastructure team.

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