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Take this five-minute quiz to find out your money personality.

  • 001


    sensation-seeking creative

    This curious cat thrives on stimulation and challenge when it comes to money management. High Rollers are fearless and will take risks to achieve financial and personal rewards.

  • 002


    aspiring self-doubting

    It's all about the finer things in life for Hunters. This player prefers spending money and living life to the max rather than saving for the future. Hunters know you can't take it with you when you die!

  • 003


    proud conservative

    Some people call this player a control freak, but the Achiever is simply in control of his money and happiest making his own wise, financial decisions. Value is important to the Achiever.

  • 004


    positive confident

    This happy player is so optimistic about what's going on around her, she sometimes forgets to equip herself for the future. For Optimists it's all about quality over quantity!

  • 005


    performance-driven goal-oriented

    The Entrepreneur is constantly on the prowl for big returns. He is driven by achievement, and money is a great way to keep score. The thrill of the chase is more exciting than the amount earned.

  • 006


    wise wealth accumulator

    Behold the Master. The Master gets her kicks by using her money wisely. She prefers saving money for the future rather than spending it now. A diversified investment strategy rocks this cat's world.

  • 007


    cautious security-oriented

    The Safety Player likes to, you guessed it, play it safe when it comes to money. Risky ventures are off the table for this player because happiness is a sense of security.

  • 008


    analytical thorough

    Perfectionists are successful when they learn to apply their analytical skills to their investment decisions. This player does it best when he remembers that there are no perfect decisions in life!

  • 009


    hardworking frustrated

    The Producer is ambitious. He doesn't like to rely on others for anything, and always strives for greater financial gains. Producers hone-in on securing their futures like heat-seeking missiles.

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