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1. Observe people in retirement

Take note of what they are doing and how they feel about it. There may be some wisdom in their experiences for you too.

2. Find out what motivates you

You're still the same person when you retire; if you were motivated before you'll be motivated after. It can help to talk to a professional to shed light on what drives and inspires you.

3. Don't base your retirement on new or untried activities

You may be surprised by how people buy a boat and discover they get seasick or their wife hates it. Find time to explore these pursuits before you base a future on them.

4. Same goes for the great Aussie Sea Change

Try renting before you sell up and move out of town leaving friends and family behind. It can be cost prohibitive to get back into the city property market.

5. Complete your Bucket List

List what you want to achieve, see and do. This list can form the backbone of your retirement planning with goals to look forward to.

6. Find a new challenge

Identify something that's as challenging as your favourite job. So challenging you're not even sure if you can do it. It doesn’t matter what it is providing it's legal and brings no harm to you or others. It’s totally up to you.

7. Get ready for time together

Marriages have been known to cave when both partners find themselves together all day. Talk to your partner about how you will both stay occupied and inspired for life.

8. Talk to your partner about differences

Often one partner takes to retirement with gusto, while the other struggles to adjust.  It's nothing some partner sensitivity and great communication can't fix.

9. Make sure you get what you are entitled to

You may be entitled to the aged pension, health benefits and seniors’ discounts to name a few.

10. Talk to your family about boundaries

Let them know that just because you're not working doesn’t mean you are on-tap for child and pet minding!

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