There are plenty of banks, brokers and institutions out there, all promising that their home loan, bank product or investment is the ’best’. But how many are offering meaningful advice that’s in your best interests alone?

This is where our team of Life Sherpas comes in. All highly experienced, qualified finance professionals, our Life Sherpas not only give you world-class financial advice – they connect you to the solution or product that is right for you. Our Life Sherpas are available ‘on demand’ so you can access the guidance you need, when you need it most.

And best of all, we’ll only ever receive a transparent fixed fee from any commissions, and rebate you the rest of any upfront or trailing commissions!

There are four main areas we cover, correlating with the times in life when we tend to make big, important decisions. And don’t worry – you don’t have to pay to be a Life Sherpa® member to access the financial advice.


Looking to buy your first home? Need cash to renovate or consolidate your debts? Or perhaps it’s time to refinance and you’re not sure what loan is best for you? Our expert advisers can guide you through the entire process, from application to settlement – providing tailored recommendations at every stage.

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Want to secure your family’s future, your home, or your income – but need some advice on policies? Our Life Sherpas can give you all the support you need from your insurance adviser – and since we’re not aligned with any banks, you can rest assured it’s all based on what’s best for you.

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Retirement may seem a long way off – but the decisions you make early on have a huge impact on your future. Our Life Sherpas can assess where your super is currently at, and make sure it’s optimised and on track to secure the retirement you want.

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With decades of experience in finance, our Life Sherpa® advisers can help you navigate the complex, ever-changing world of investment. From advising you on property investments, to explaining the nuances of the stock market, we’re here to ensure your investments really work for you.

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Short Courses

When it comes to being money savvy, a little education can go a very long way – in fact, it can be life changing. We’ve developed our short courses for people who want to focus intensely on a specific topic, whether it’s managing money as a couple, or becoming debt-free.

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We want our services and support to be accessible to everyone, so we’ve developed a range of subscription options. Better yet, as a member, you’ll be eligible for a rebate on any commissions.

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