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Discover the secret to a successful marriage

Coupling up is exciting, but when it comes to finances, it’s more than a little complicated. In fact, a sobering 72% of Australians say that money issues contributed to their divorce! The good news: this course can keep you on the front foot, ensuring you have important conversations at the right time, and avoid common pitfalls.

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What do you get?

Get exclusive access to 10 modules containing 16 videos, totaling two hours of powerful relationship and money insights. You’ll also get our exclusive worksheets to help you get the most from this course.

In each module, your teacher, Vince Scully, Australia’s foremost money and relationships expert, will guide you through 10 conversations that lead to you and your partner vowing to take decisive action together.

Course overview

Life Sherpa’s Money Vows course consists of 10 guided conversations, you can complete in your own time.

#1 Money personalityGain insight into why you do what you do with money. Life Sherpa’s unique money personality profiler backed by decades of psychological research and testing will give you a framework for better money conversations.
#2 Your core values We all have a handful of values that define how we view the world and our place in it. Alignment in these values is the strongest predictor of successful marriages. When you understand these, it is easy to conceive the right plan and to stick to it. In this module, we’ll guide you through a series of enlightening exercises so that you can discover and share yours together.
#3 Setting goals as a coupleOnce you understand your personality and your core values, it’s time to set some goals so you can live life as a couple in line with your shared values.
#4 Till debt do us part – dealing with debt as a coupleDealing with debt is part of the challenge every couple faces from buying your forever home to paying the daily bills.In this conversation you’ll develop a shared understanding of how you feel about debt and how your spending habits change when you use credit. You’ll share where you stand today and together develop a framework for managing debt.
#5 Agree, compromise or align – how to make money decisionsIn this conversation, you’ll explore how to make decisions (not just money decisions) as a couple. You’ll discover why avoiding conflict can be dangerous and learn how to embrace it as a true gift to your relationship.
#6 One bed, one money system?Getting married doesn’t mean you have to go all in and have just a single account. But it does mean that your finances are inextricably linked. And it means you need a money system that supports the way that you live and helps you achieve your goals.In this conversation, you’ll gain insight into how you manage money and how best to do it as a couple.
#7 Dealing with the paperworkFrom whether or not to change your name to the legal impact on your super, wills and other arrangements, your marriage will change many things. In this conversation you’ll discuss what it all means and develop a plan to deal with it.You’ll also learn the ins and outs of a prenup and how you can respectfully deal with one if you need to.
#8 Blood and moneyWhat could be more natural than being keen to help family and friends in need? In this conversation you’ll discuss when and how you will give or lend money to family or receive or borrow from them.
#9 Financial infidelityThe key to a healthy grown up relationship is interdependence, not co-dependence – which means you trust each other implicitly and you have the experience and understanding to know that trust is based on reality. In this conversation you’ll discover how to develop this level of financial trust and how to recognise when it’s missing.You’ll also discover the three most dangerous money phrases and the secret that every couple should keep from each other.
#10 Money datesIn this final vow, you’ll agree to adopt an easier and more comfortable way to keep your new found feeling of financial inner peace alive and together take on the world of money.You’ll set aside a dedicated time to chat about where you are, where you want to be and to get the next week or so of spending under control. And you’ll learn the 10 golden rules of talking money with your honey.

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With our free and full membership offers, we give you access to industry-leading diagnostic tools to help you better understand your money personality, financial behaviours, and financial health, so you can unlock more life from your money.

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Planning for your wedding can be a busy and stressful time. What with venues, catering, what to wear and seating plans, the average couple spends over 250 hours planning their wedding. Setting aside a few hours to plan for your marriage by exploring money in your relationship, you will reap rewards for many years to come.

Jump start your marriage on the right foot – start your Money Vow journey today.

What people are saying

I genuinely feel more confident now more than ever to take on the role of husband. It’s amazing the tools we have now to deal with this money stuff together.

Derek C, Age 39, Highgate, WA

The 'Money Vows' Course was an invaluable investment in our marriage. We enjoyed the important conversations in a safe place, and feel that we've learned a whole new language that will help us.

Anna B, Age 30, Botany, NSW

In the 'Money Vows', we covered things that we didn’t realise we needed to talk about. It really helped us to understand each other better and how we can improve on working through differences. Thank you so much!

Craig W, Age 27, Kent Town, SA

During the course, we really talked and we listened to each other more so than any other time we had spoken about money. We knew we had very similar ideas about things but the programme showed us how different we really were when it came to money.

Susan F, Age 31, Elsternwick, VIC

We loved that it was at home and we could speak more comfortably and share a wine!

Karen H, Age 28, Petersham, NSW

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