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Are you struggling to get rid of pesky debts? Eternally hanging out for payday? Or wondering if you’ll ever be able to afford to buy a home? This course will be right up your alley. Over a 12-week period, this comprehensive online course guides you through all the essential steps of budgeting, setting you up for future success without having to sacrifice the things that matter to you.

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What do you get?

When you enrol, you’ll get access to eight modules containing 23 videos, totaling 100 minutes of powerful money insights. You’ll also get our exclusive budget planner spreadsheet and recommended banking system.

Each module delivers a specific action you can take or a powerful insight you need to help you on your journey to Budget Bliss.

Course overview

Life Sherpa’s Budget Bliss course is designed to teach you how to build and maintain a sustainable budget without depriving yourself of the things you truly love. The course consists of eight transformative money lessons.

#1 Why you need a budgetThis first module is all about understanding budgeting. Why you need one and how the right budget doesn’t have to mean deprivation – we promise not to ask you to give up your morning latte!You’ll discover how a sustainable budget will set you free. Free from having to think every time you take out your wallet. Free from juggling bills and free from worrying how long it is until payday. You’ll learn how your brain makes money decisions and why will power alone is not the answer.
#2 Why traditional budgets fail (and what you should do instead) In this module, you’ll learn why traditional budgets based on splitting your spending into needs and wants don’t work – and instead, look at how spending makes you feel.You’ll learn how to achieve a healthy spending balance that fits within your overall income, and aligns with your goals, values, and stage of life. And you’ll get insights into how the words you use around money reveal a lot about your spending habits.
#3 Where are you at right now?We’ll show you a simple technique to help you review where you are actually spending now and how it compares to the Life Sherpa® benchmark.You’ll get access to the Life Sherpa® budget checklist as a Google Sheet, so you won’t miss any spending. This spreadsheet also does most of the hard work in analysing your spending (don’t worry if you’ve never used a spreadsheet before – it comes with plenty of support).Then you’ll track your spending for 30 days. Once you know where you are – it’s time to make some manageable changes for the better.
#4 The Big 4 expensesIn this module, you’ll focus on the four things that will usually account for over half of your spending – and how to gain control over these things. You’ll also discover how to afford small expenses by economising on large expenses.
#5 Optimising the rest Now that you’ve got the Big 4 under control it’s time to start optimising the rest. You will learn how to use the Life Sherpa® PEARL method to identify leaks in your budget – places that your money isn’t helping you live the life you want as much as it could.You’ll master the exchange rate that matters (hours for dollars) – how much you really make per hour and how to use this to better direct your spending. And we’ll introduce some techniques to manage recreational or impulse shopping.
#6 Emergency StashIn this module you’ll learn why you need an emergency stash – and why it’s the most important element in your financial plan.You’ll learn how to determine if your stash is the right size, and whether it’s being kept in the right place. You’ll also learn why a credit card or line of credit is no substitute for a stash of cash.
#7 Your banking systemThis is the key to making your budget work for you. You’ll be introduced to the Life Sherpa® banking system, and learn how setting up your bank accounts the right way will make sticking to your budget a breeze.
#8 Review and reviseIn this module, you’ll learn what signs to look out for that might indicate your budget or spending needs reviewing. You’ll also complete a short exercise to reveal how using credit affects your spending behaviour.

Find the right financial solution

When you’re thinking about property, investments, super or insurance, our Life Sherpas can connect you to the solution or product that’s right for you. Better yet, we’ll only ever receive a transparent fixed fee from any commissions, and rebate you the rest of any upfront or trailing commissions! And don’t worry – you don’t have to pay to be a Life Sherpa® member to access the financial advice.

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What if you could unlock everything that has stopped you from feeling confident with money and getting ahead?

What if you had the perfect formula to control your money, get rid of your debts, save more, and spend without guilt?

With Life Sherpa’s Budget Bliss program, you get the tools you need to start living the life you want no matter how much you earn, own, or owe now.

What people are saying

I now feel that I’m getting ahead which I never felt before and I feel so much more in control.

Arvinder S, Age 35, Kellyville, NSW

I finally know where all my money is going.

Claire D, Age 27, New Farm, QLD

I didn’t realise it could be so easy once you know how.

Sophie M, Age 33, Hindmarsh, SA

Money is no longer a problem for me; it’s a tool for me to advance my life.

Azad A, Age 31, Waitara, NSW

I actually enjoy looking at my bank account now!

Alistair M, Age 41, Caulfield, VIC

I knew I shouldn’t have to give up my love of shoes, but I didn’t have a system – now I do. And I’m loving it.

Denise E, Age 38, Mount Lawley, WA

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