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The Latte Fallacy and Other Money Myths

The book that taught a new generation of Australians how to do money.


  • I’ve got a good job but I just don’t feel like I’m getting ahead
  • I’ll never be able to afford a house of my own.
  • If one more person tells me that if I just cut out my morning coffee or took my lunch to work I could afford a house or to retire rich…I’ll scream
  • Why does this money thing all have to be such hard work?
  • Budgets never work
  • I struggle from payday to payday, but there never seems to be anything left over.
  • Money is just too complicated, I can’t make a decision.
  • I’m only 30, do I really need to think about all this stuff right now?

Then this book is for you!



About the book

‘Cut out your morning latte (or your smashed avocado) and you can be rich!’. It’s a popular view – but hopelessly inaccurate.

Truth is it’s not your morning coffee that’s keeping you out of the housing market.

You see as a nation, we’ve never earned as much nor owned as much, we’ve never been so highly educated and yet we struggle with money more than any previous generation.

Have you ever wondered why?

Well, it’s because the old rules just don’t work anymore.

  • Where once we got paid in cash and we spent cash and when we spent what we had we couldn’t spend any more. Today money is just numbers in a computer and credit flows freely;
  • Where once we compared ourselves to the slightly better off family down the street. Today we compare ourselves; to a carefully curated social media stream
  • Where once we had a job for life and the Government took care of retirement. Today work is less secure and we’re expected to pay for our own education and provide for our own futures.

And yet we persist in applying yesterday's money rules to today’s money game

When what we really need is a whole new framework for dealing with money.

In this book, Vince Scully, founder of Life Sherpa® explodes the money myths that everyone just knows and shows you how to do better in 8 simple steps.

  • 8 simple steps that can take you from struggling to living the life you want with the money you have.
  • 8 Simple steps that anyone can start right away – no matter how much money they have or how much debt they’re in.

In fact, it’s a money handbook for a new generation of Australians.

So if you’re looking for financial tools that work with your lifestyle not against it, this is the book for you.


About the Author

Vince Scully, is the founder of Life Sherpa® and a passionate advocate for better financial outcomes for young Australians. Vince has over 30 years’ experience in helping people live the life they want with the money they have. And now, in this book, Vince shares with you the 8 step system he developed over this time.

"I founded Life Sherpa® to help people just like you because

  • I was tired of the same old money advice that didn’t work in today’s world.
  • I was tired of the complexity, shame and guilt created around money.
  • I was tired of financial advisors only wanting to deal with people who have lots of money

And I knew there had to be a better, easier way.

Life Sherpa® is that way – and the Latte Fallacy is the guide book you need!"

What People are saying about the Latte Fallacy

This book has transformed the way I think about my own personal finances. It will change your life too.

Amrita P, Age 31, Leura, NSW

At last a book about money that doesn’t want me to give up my passion for shoes just so I can afford a home.

Katrina S, Age 40, East Melbourne, VIC

This is the very best guide to how to manage your money round. It offers a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know and do to secure your financial future, from the getting out of debt all the way to protecting against disaster and investing.

Darren L, Age 27, Norwood, SA

At last a financial plan that doesn’t involve giving up my morning coffee!

Phil E, Age 36 Newstead, QLD

I was sure my parents were wrong about money – now I know. No matter where you are with your money this book will make it better. Read it!

Zoe W, Age 24, Cheltenham, NSW

I'm now debt free thanks to this book. It has all the information you need to do the same using its easy to follow step by step formula. It's well written and fun.

Dianne M, Age 29, Northbridge, WA

A rare achievement – a fun easy to read book about money. I hope it will help many embrace their financial future with confidence.

Gemma R, Age 37, Fitzroy, VIC

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